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About Cold Mountain Design

Cold Mountain Design was started in 1995, by Richard Reed, to provide customers in Steamboat Springs and surrounding areas, with the best quality and attention to detail possible.


We Want You to Participate!

The belief that the design of your home should be directed by your vision, while being, guided with professional care and inspiration drives every step of the design process. When you need a custom design that fits your needs, while maintaining strong “curb appeal”, you can count on our 40+ years of combined experience to find the right solution for you.


Certified Kitchen Designer

Not only are we the only practicing CKD in Steamboat Springs and the only CAPS (Certified Ageing in Place Specialist) designee in Northwest Colorado, but we are also the only shop in town that specializes in home modifications for the physically challenged, from grab bars to elevators.



- Li Po


You ask me:

Why do I live

On this cold mountain?

I smile

No answer

My heart serene

On flowing water

Peach blow

Quietly going

Far away

This is

Another earth

Another sky

No likeness

To that human world below

Enjoy the Convenience and Quality You Deserve

Your home should be a place of pleasure, where you can relax with the satisfaction that you are completely at peace. Now you can obtain the well-being you deserve every day you wake up. Call us at (970) 846-1501, and feel content with everything in your home.

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